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Election Day

Today is Election Day, or, as some Asians might say, Erection Day!

Finally, the right meds!

I called and left a message for my doctor. He called back to ask what I needed. I informed him of the ankle issue, the trip to urgent care and the lack of pain medication. He gave me a prescription for Percocet.

Trip to Urgent Care

My ankle was hurting pretty bad today, so I decided to go to Urgent Care and have it checked out. I went to the Warren Clinic on S. Yale Ave. in Tulsa, OK (across the street from St. Francis Hospital). They did some x-rays and I was seen by Davilyn Worthington. Davilyn advised me that the x-rays looked fine as she looked at my ankle. She told me my ankle was really swollen. She advised me to take some ibuprofen for the pain and they would set me up an appointment with an orthopedic specialist. I asked for something stronger than ibuprofen for the pain and told her that I get bad headaches if I take anything containing hydrocodone. The nurse comes back with a prescription for Norco (Hydrocodone and Acetaminophen). I asked the nurse for something else based on what I previously told Davilyn. The nurse came back and told me that Davilyn would not give me anything else. I thought, "wow, so much for looking out for the patient!".

I took the prescription and had it filled thinking just maybe it won't give me the usual headache. As expected, massive headache!

Sprained Ankle (Inversion)

I was working on the fence and standing on a chair. I went to step down and my ankle gave out (inversion sprained ankle). I thought I could just take it easy for a bit and be fine. Wow, was I wrong!

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